Saliva drug testing

Saliva screening tests allow drug consumption to be identified anytime, anywhere.

The signs of drug use are less noticeable than those of alcohol consumption. Rapid saliva drug screening tests allow to publicly screen for drugs. Regular testing is also increasingly used for safety at work.

Advantages of Saliva drug testing

  • It can be performed anywhere
  • Test results are available within 3-8 minutes
  • Early detection window
    • Drug can be detected immediately after use
  • Faster turnaround
    • Saliva samples can be collected in any location
  • Strong correlation to impairment
    • Compounds that are present in a person’s blood are always present in their saliva
  • Greater integrity of results
    • Sampling is done in plain site
  • Eliminates adulteration
    • Tampering with sample is impossible
  • Better process for collection
    • Non-evasive and as accurate as blood